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Sept 14, 2003

Kosmo Systems Inc, along with Ashley IT are proud to present their spam detection service called SimpleFilter. It is so simple, there is absolutely no software to install and it works with virtually any email client on any operating system. Checkout

Business Cards

Looking for Business Cards? Look no further, checkout Kosmo Business Cards. We have glossy, full-colour, metal, magnetic, plastic cards, post-it notes, self-inking stamps, stickers and letterhead.


Don't confuse with The only thing we have in common with KoZmo is a very similar name that most people confuse.

Throughout KoZmo's short life and continuing today we receive tons of visitors looking for KoZmo.

So if you're looking for KoZmo, click here for what you're likely looking for.

If you are looking for DVD's, CD's, books, click here


e-dreams is the movie about Kozmo. Highly recommended.

e-dreams cover